5 Thantophobia Facts : Overcome Fear Of Losing Someone You Love


Fear of losing someone you love is very depressing and you are in no position to express your feeling to your partner. It does’nt mean you should always be depressed, there ways you can overcome this fear. We have got 5 Thantophobia Facts : Overcome Fear of Losing Someone You Love.

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1.Spend some time alone, It’ll help you in getting positive energy

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Don’t go after things, relax and give yourself sometime to get off thantophobia. Staying alone for sometime will give the required composer to overcome the fear. Try out writing down your thoughts, feelings, and fears when it comes to losing someone you love may help you overcome that feeling. Getting what’s on your mind on paper is a great way to relieve tension and relax a little bit.

2.Communicate with your partner

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Communication with your partner and telling him about your fear will help as He/she will try to be with you all the time and fear of losing your love will be gone. Realize that it’s normal for you to have some fear over losing someone you love, you will be able to accept your feelings and work toward moving on. Losing this fear altogether is actually cause for concern, as it usually signifies an even bigger issue, such as a loss of interest in your relationship.

3.Enjoy your significant other

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Enjoy each-others company and get wrapped in affection. According to Psychologist, Thantophobia is just an imagination, you imagine yourself in a situation without your partner and get scared. It is more picturing yourself in difficult situations. Sometimes it’s really helpful but people more often get scared and never want to be alone.