8 Psychofacts Favouring Online Dating Over Offline Dating



Dating is a phase of life. One can find people of every age group dating to find that perfect someone to share their life with. Over the years the idea of dating has gone from limited to certain areas to all over the world. Thanks to the age of technology. There are no barriers now between people across the globe to chat, befriend and sometimes carry on their relationships further if it clicks. But a few still prefer the traditional dating techniques. if you are among the few uncomfortable to use gizmos to find your date, you might as well change your opinion after reading the benefits of online dating.

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Here are 8 Psychofacts Favouring Online Dating Over Offline Dating

1. The whole world is an option

favouring online dating over offline dating
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One of the biggest pros of dating online is that you don’t have to limit yourself to any particular geographical area. The whole world is an option for you. You can date people from any place because of the closeness you share with technology.

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2. Finding like minded people

favouring online dating over offline dating
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When you date online you can find out if the person shares similar ideologies or not even before you meet them up in person. Thus, you can steer clear of people who you think your thought process won’t go in sync with. In offline dating you know about the persons ideologies after a few personal meetings and it might not always be very comfortable to push them away after you realise the same.

3. Sharing similar interests

favouring online dating over offline dating
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Another benefit of online dating is that you can find people with similar areas of interests, be it travelling, eating or shopping! This is important as it will reduce clashes of interests between the both of you further down the road in your relationships (that is, if you decide on going to take it to the next level).

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4. Independent people

online datingYou can be almost certain that the person you are dating online is an independent one. The act of trying out dating on your own without the poking of friends and loved ones is enough of an evidence of an independent mind. Furthermore there is a much likely chance of the person being financially independent as well just because she is decisive enough about her actions.

5. Date anytime and anywhere

favouring online dating over offline dating
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Yet another valuable addition to this list is that you can date online at whatever time and whichever place you may feel like. There is absolutely no time limit and you just need to have an internet access to continue dating from any place. You can even date like this on the move!

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6. Date according to preferences

favouring online dating over offline dating

The person of your dreams may have been no less than an angel but the people you meet through your friends or the ones that your mom sets you up with can be far far away from what you want. Online dating is advantageous in this regards. A few dating websites cater to the individual preferences and set people up according to their demands. There! Now you can get the person of your dreams (well, almost!). isn’t this point a jackpot?

7. You can be frank

favouring online dating over offline dating
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In an offline dating scenario people are usually shy and reserved the first time around and it could be offensive to ask the date about anything too personal like a past relationship or even a present one.  You can do that only after you get comfortable with each other after several dates. But in online dating you can be frank at the first opportunity and event the first question you can ask could be just about anything!

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8. Option to not opt in

favouring online dating over offline dating
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At the end it is entirely upto you if you want to continue the date further or get to know each other better. If your interests, opinions and everything else matches as per your requirements you can go on. Else if you feel that you won’t get on very well, then there is absolutely no harm in saying a quick “bye” and “nice meeting you”!

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