8 Qualities to distinguish between Real and Materialistic people


We come across people of all kinds in this world and the diversity is wonderful though. But when it comes to relationships, most of us often end-up being with the wrong people, be they friends or life-partner. All good people wish they knew the true colors of the person before they were disappointed. New year is also time to take stock of relationships and to decide which ones to keep or discard.  Here’s a checklist to help you understand the differences between real and materialistic people so that you end up getting some real happiness from relationships.

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1.On a date


Real: They would begin conversations revolving around your well-being and happiness.

Materialistic: They would begin conversations revolving around your financial status, professional status.

2. Social life


Real: They would call you regularly to know how you are and will be there during your trying times.

Materialistic: They are available at every party you invite them to and would love to become part of all your celebrations but unavailable otherwise.

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Real: You are their friend whether you are employed or unemployed and they are always happy with your success.

Materialistic: They always keep a tab on your success status and boast about it among friends to make an impression, but will compete with you in private.