Be Your Most Attractive Self With These 10 Body Language Tips


You would love to be a people’s person, wouldn’t you? So does everyone. But what most of us don’t realize is that, good looks and good clothes are not the only factors that enhance your attractiveness.

Body language also plays a prominent role in getting others attention. If you observe the most sought after celebs, you will notice that they too follow very similar body language tricks that make them very attractive.

The moment you walk into a room, people start judging you and make assumptions. Being aware of yourself and your body language can help you a great deal in building relationships instantly.

Follow these 10 body language tricks to be your most attractive self

1. Flash a killer smile

body language
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A true smile is a very important of an attractive body language. Sometimes it might be difficult to smile from the heart; in such situations think of something or someone who makes you really happy and voila, there you have it!

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2. Let your eyes do all the talking

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Our eyes can greet, threaten, show affection, scare and even dominate others. A gaze is considered to be a very attractive body language. It is the technique of looking at the other person gently without freaking them out.

3. Keep your neutral expression attractive

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Even when some people are working on their laptops they have a very attractive expression. Practice it by thinking happy thoughts even when you are doing nothing.

4. Stand and walk like you are the hottest person on earth

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When you stand straight and walk with composure, you will feel and radiate immense confidence which is a very likable quality.

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