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She has received her bachelors in Media & Communication from Madras Christian College. Having been inspired by a lot of wonderful writers she too hopes to make a difference in other peoples lives with her works. When not writing you are most likely to find her watching movies, painting or browsing through magazines.


How To Escalate With A Girl In A Way To Reduce Chance Of Rejection

When we talk about escalation it means to take it one notch higher with a girl even...

7 Wonderful Psychological Changes In The Indian Society

Indian society
India is presently 30 percent urbanized, whereas 70 percent of the population are still in rural India....

How To Recharge Yourself With A Solo Trip

recharge yourself with a solo trip
  Working your ass off every single day may be draining you slowly off all the positivism you...

5 Things That Happens When Your Best Friend Tries To Get Flirty With You

  "A Girl and a Boy can never be 'Only' best freinds" Ouch!! The thought too old to...

6 Psychological Signs Your Body Is Trying To Give You For Anger Management

6 Important messages your body is trying to give you with Anger
Anger Management is an effort to cope up with anger and look out for solutions within thy...

Sexual Nature of Each Zodiac Sign You Should Know

Zodiac Sign
Every individual is different. All of them have different perceptions and taste. Sexual compatibility also varies from...

20 Inspirational Quotes From Hollywood

Inspirational Quotes
  Don't we all love watching movies! And once in a while there is a dialogue in a...

How To Spice Up Your Marriage

Marriage is the union of two souls. That is what they say. But the two fellas are...

8 Reasons Why Every Guy Should Have A Girl Best Friend

why every guy should have a girl best friend
Having a close female friend or we can say a girl best friend is very special because...

5 Insights On Improving Mother-Daughter Relationships

Mother Daughter Relationship is one of the most purest relationship. Kids do not realize it that moment...