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6 Tips If You Are In Newly Started Relationship

New Relationship
  Its easy to get into a relationship and it takes an argument or call it a fight...

7 Reasons Why Every Girl Should Have A Guy Best Friend

guy best friend
  You are lucky if you have a guy best friend because he will help you out in...

What Your Ruling Number Says About Your Personality?

Our personality is often characterized by the ruling number which can be calculated from our birth date....

5 Reasons Why You Must Keep Your Relationship A Secret From Your Parents

You always want to share every possible thing with your parents but certainly relationship is not what...

6 Ways To Trick Yourself Into Not Smoking

How to quit smoking
You're ready to kick the habit. That's great! There are different ways to trick yourself into not...

Be Your Most Attractive Self With These 10 Body Language Tips

body language
You would love to be a people’s person, wouldn’t you? So does everyone. But what most of...

The Art of Looking Into Others Minds Through Their Eyes

Looking Into Others Minds
As human beings, we are programmed to register something as incomplete if it lacks human presence. Be...

5 Things To-do Now For A Happy and successful future self

future self
Defining success is difficult as it is a state of mind. It varies from person to person as...

5 Things You Need To Give Up Before You Put A RING On It

Relationships are what keeps us feeling alive no matter how content we are with our solitude. Even the...

8 Biggest Problems Of Women Which Can Never Be Solved

  One can't understand Women, it's a Fact that the World should understand, because they have multiple feelings,...