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Suchismita Mishra is a freelance writer and a blogger. She has a degree in microbiology and also is qualified as a teacher. She loves to read and read everything that she can lay her eyes on. A writer by passion, she loves to put her thoughts into words and be the voice for those who are a little less on the expressive side. She is always open to learn new facts and expand her wisdom.


7 Things Guys Find Really Attractive In A Girl

We as guys, love girls, it’s in our blood. There are a lot of things that we...

9 Ways To Flirt With A Girl

You have tried flirting with a girl and failed badly.You find it tough to impress a girl...

8 Amazing secrets people need to know about Introverts

  A lot has been debated in recent years about Introverts and Extroverts, which has helped introverts, gain...

Valuable lessons that Break ups Can Teach You

break ups
Break ups are depressing for some people while for some others it is frustrating. There is the...

5 Insights On Improving Mother-Daughter Relationships

Mother Daughter Relationship is one of the most purest relationship. Kids do not realize it that moment...

10 Statements That Hurt Girls But No One Realise

Statements that hurt girls
  Girls, the one who can be a best friend, a partner, a girlfriend, an amazing mother in...

8 Problems Every Extrovert Face Almost Everyday

You are considered affectionate and friendly if you have an outgoing personality. There are many upsides of...

10 surprising factors unconsciously creating Depression in your life

While there are many ways to beat depression or to completely eliminate it, it helps to know...

8 Psychofacts Favouring Online Dating Over Offline Dating

favouring online dating over offline dating
  Dating is a phase of life. One can find people of every age group dating to find...

5 Myths People Believe About Marriage

If myths are to be believed marriage is where physical affection dies. Marriage is life sentence without...
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