How To Spot A Liar : 5 Psychological Signs Of Lying


4) Verbal Cues

Signs Of Lying

While talking, they get a little excited and their voice comes off very high pitched. Also, when cross questioned they’re taken aback as to what answer they should give so they clear their throat before they reply. Unknowingly they cut their sentences so a lot of ‘oh’ and ‘uhh’ in middle can also be a hint. So, be on a lookout for those indicators fellas.

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5) Cover Story

Signs Of Lying

A person who is giving out too much information as to why they can’t complete the ‘task’, it means they are lying. They’re rustling up stories in their head and telling them to you so that you, as a listener, don’t cross question and blindfoldly believe them. They think you’ll empathise if they’re telling you all this with so much of ‘openness’.

Detecting a lie is an art and everyone should be able to attain this. No one deserves to be lied to. No one should be kept in the dark. Manipulating others for your own benefit, petite or huge, is never okay! A liar will always try to validate your mind with their exceptional fabrication of words. So, don’t become a fool and be aware of the people you are surrounded with. Leave these people on their own good will and move on.

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