5. Leo

Zodiac Sign

Whatever sexual fantasy you have- they’re in! They are wild and spontaneous. Even though they like be the centre of attention, it’s not a one-way street. If you’re giving them what they want, expect double in return. They are called Kings- powerful and confident for a reason fellas. For them, a hard kiss, the way you hold them and playing with their hair is the best way to go. Keep the thrill on!

6. Virgo

Zodiac Sign
Source: pixabay.com

They are THE perfectionists. They want everything to be on-point. So, the place should be clean or nothing is happening. A little picky in that matter. They even plan erotic surprises for their partners. They like to play with smells. So, a good aroma with scented candles and massage is the way to go. They keep your needs first. Now who doesn’t want that?

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7. Libra

Zodiac Sign
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They are the hardest signs to seduce. For them, sex is overrated. They prefer romance over sex. It’s difficult to arouse them but when they do, they’re the most selfless lovers ever! They don’t like to be in control. What they love-flattery and compliments about them.

8. Scorpio

Zodiac Sign
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They are THE masters. They know what they are doing, where they are doing, how much they should be doing. For them, everything works. They crave to dominate their partner. Scorpio lovers will make you go weak in the knees, make you go breathless! Even the slightest touch will make them lust for you. So, get ready for some rough ride!

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