9. Sagittarius

Zodiac Sign

They like to give, give and give some more. They love to pleasure the partner. Neck is a sweet spot to stimulate the sexual animal in them. They don’t shy away from experimenting and would go ‘crazy’ if there is something they like. For them, a slight graze on the waist and thigh is the way to go. Also humor weirdly turns them on.

10. Capricorn


Oh, they are the most playful. Even though they are creatures of habits, trying new and subtle stuff isn’t something they would shy away from. They have steps to follow in bed which they fashioned from experience. Even though it gets monotonous, they know how to please their lover.

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11. Aquarius


They just go out of their way to please their partner. All they want is their partner’s satisfaction. They like to play with ‘things’. They’re a little unconventional when it comes to lovemaking. There is a positive flow of energy and happiness when you’re with an Aquarius. A soft kiss is what they love and love bites are their trademark. They can take their partners breath away with their experimental favours in bed.

12. Pisces


They are more into nurturing the relationship without the physical act of love. Romance rules their world. Pisces don’t express their feelings making it difficult for their partner to understand them. So, communication on what they want is the key to go. Also, they’re not into freaky stuff so expecting much would be a disappointment. Upside- you get cuddles all day long. So, go with the flow!

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