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5 Things That Happens When Your Best Friend Tries To Get Flirty With You

  "A Girl and a Boy can never be 'Only' best freinds" Ouch!! The thought too old to...

What Do Your Eyes Say About You

what do your eyes say about you
  Eyes are the mirrors to a person’s personality. People always look into the eyes of the opposite...

Why Rape Has Become A Joke In India?

Why Rape Has Become A Joke In India?
  Watch this Girl deliver a 6 minute stand up Set on Rape. A must watch video for...

6 Tips If You Are In Newly Started Relationship

New Relationship
  Its easy to get into a relationship and it takes an argument or call it a fight...

3 Unconventional Ways To A Womans Heart

Ways To A Womans Heart
  The myth has been busted; women are NOT influenced by good looks or deep pockets! The age...

7 Secrets Tips That Will Make Your Skin Glow

7 secrets that make your skin glow
People are mesmerized by the beauty of actresses. How much do you crave to have a skin...

6 Unique First Date Ideas

A First date is something special. Everyone remembers their first date forever. That is because it is...

Wake up girls !! 5 Facts you should know about Puberty in your 20’s.

Life takes a new turn when you turn 20. Ever wondered why everyone talks about their puberty...

20 Inspirational Quotes From Hollywood

Inspirational Quotes
  Don't we all love watching movies! And once in a while there is a dialogue in a...

Be Your Most Attractive Self With These 10 Body Language Tips

body language
You would love to be a people’s person, wouldn’t you? So does everyone. But what most of...