Top 10 Tarot Cards For Love And Romance



‘Nine of Cups’ talks about wishes getting fulfilled. If you have been wishing for a particular type of person or relationship to enter your life then this card is a firm yes from the universe. Generally speaking, it is a very positive card for all aspects of life. The flip side with this card is that one could lose themselves in the celebration of getting what they wanted from the universe and hence, miss out from seeing the partner or relationship for who they truly are.

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If it is a happy family life and a great future together you are eyeing then ‘Ten of Pentacles’ is the card you should hope for. The picture on the card depicts a happy family with grandchildren, the essence of this card. It talks about stability and long-term togetherness. You could start naming your grandchildren when you get this card in your reading! It warns about money or financial security being the prime motivation of the relationship.


The mood of this card is celebratory, as can be seen from the picture depicted on it. If you are planning to move in with your partner, this is the best card you could hope for. In general, it talks about weddings, engagements or simply, a higher level of commitment in the relationship. It could indicate your relationship moving towards the next level. On the flip side, it is indicative of sexual chemistry being the prime motivation of the relationship in place of a solid emotional foundation.


If your question is about return of happiness, fun and frolic in your seemingly dull relationship then ‘The Sun’ is the card you need in your reading. This tarot card is a promise of good times to come. “The best is yet to come” is emphasized by this particular tarot card. On the flip side, this card can talk about losing oneself in fun and frolic, disconnecting from the practical realities of life.


This tarot card talks about tender love and care in a relationship. If you want a relationship which grows with time and a partner who becomes more loving and caring with time then this is a really good card to come up in your reading. For men, it could indicate a beautiful, caring, gentle woman entering your life whereas for women, this tarot card can represent a man who is in touch with his feminine side and is hence, more gentle and sensitive than most men. On the flip side, this card can talk about your partner being plagued by “mommy issues”.

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Which of these cards turned up in your love readings and how was your experience with the same? Let us know in the comments section!