What Does Your Birth Date Say About Your Personality?


5. People Born On 5, 14, 23rd Of Any Month

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Ruled by the planet of communication and movement, Mercury, individuals with birth number 5 have a hard time sitting still. They love travel and adventure and constantly indulge in thrill-seeking behavior. They are good learners and mostly achieve a high level of education in life. On the flip side, they can be insensitive to others’ feelings with their constant quest for adventure and may develop an addiction to alcohol, sex and gambling.

6. People Born On 6, 15, 24th Of Any Month

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Ruled by the planet of love, Venus, those with birth number 6 seek to create balance and harmony wherever they go. They care for the world around them and want a peaceful society. They make for extremely loyal and caring friends, giving unconditional love to those they consider close. On the flip side, they may be indecisive and refrain from taking any sides in an argument.

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7. People Born On 7, 16, 25th Of Any Month


Ruled by the planet of spirituality, Neptune or Ketu, 7 people always seek knowledge above all else. They are voracious readers from a young age and ultimately feel satisfied when they learn higher knowledge of spirituality through life experiences. They tend to be sensitive and introverted. On the flip side, they come across as distant and aloof even to the people close to them.

8. People Born On 8, 17, 26th Of Any Month

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Ruled by the tough teacher, Saturn, individuals with birth number 8 seek money and power above all else. Usually, these people lead tough lives, facing dire circumstances since birth. Nothing comes to them through sheer luck. They have work hard every step along the way and usually, the results are really good. On the flip side, they tend to be extremely shrewd and selfish.

9. People Born On 9, 18, 27th Of Any Month


Ruled by the planet of war, Mars, those with birth number 9 have the most selfless, kind souls of the lot. They are some of the most generous and empathetic people in the world. They tend to assume the role of a teacher in life. Too often they are associated with charitable organizations. On the flip side, they can be violent and extremely short-tempered.

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