Your Behavior At Office According To Your Zodiac Sign


5. LEO

8 AM: Lazy Leos are often late for work. They are among the signs most likely to sleep till 8 AM for a meeting at 8:15 AM. They get ready in a hasty and rushy manner, cursing early birds and all those who reach office before them.

5 PM: By the time it is 5 PM, Leos are most likely to mentally withdraw from work and all its boring details and focused on “Where’s the party tonight?” At 5 PM, Leos can be found choosing between where to go for an evening out or shopping.


8 AM: Perfectionist Virgos often time themselves to reach office right 5 minutes before the office starts. They neither wish to be the first person to reach the office nor be late. They are famous for their punctuality and regularity, often making them the most popular people among their supervisors.

5 PM: By the time it is 5 PM, a regular Virgo would not only have completed tasks for the day but also found the time to talk to and care about their colleagues but also made a to-do list for the day ahead. They often leave the office with their co-workers, not choosing to be the odd one out.

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8 AM: Libra often can become workaholics. They love the social life of the office and strive to become an active part of the same. At 8 AM a Libra is having breakfast, leafing over the newspaper and getting themselves mentally prepared for the day.

5 PM: Libra often plan birthday parties for co-workers or important social events. Around 5 PM, they can be found planning for the same. They love dressing up and being active on social media so, their parties/events often include selfie booths.


8 AM: Obsessive Scorpios can either be consistent late comers or consistent early birds. There is no in-between. Very often they are either the first few or the last few to reach the office. Hence, around 8 AM they are either rushing to get through the office, often skipping breakfast or laughing at the inability of their fellow workers to never reach office on time.

5 PM: On being done with the work for the day, Scorpios often obsess over the minutest details of the day. They tend to carry work with themselves even after leaving the office. Around 5 PM, Scorpios can be found lost in thought, indulging in deep analysis of anything that spiked their curiosity during the day.