Your Behavior At Office According To Your Zodiac Sign



8 AM: Carefree Sagittarians are often late to work. They can be found making jokes about the same with their co-workers. They do not follow a fixed schedule and usually at around 8 AM they can be found doing different things each day ranging from running to the office to hastily eating breakfast.

5 PM: At 5 PM, Sagittarians can be found goofing around with their co-workers, laughing and joking about something or the other. They prefer to finish work early to leave ample time for fun and letting loose.


8 AM: Career obsessed Capricorns often time themselves to reach office along with maximum workforce as they do not wish to stand out but to merge with the worker bees. At 8 AM you will often find them getting mentally, physically, emotionally prepared for the day ahead, focusing on nothing but the work that lies ahead of them for the day.

5 PM: When it is time for all other signs to pack their bags and go home, Capricorns are just getting started. They would have already finished their set tasks for the day and more by 5 PM and would have started on the next line of tasks already. They would also indulge in analyzing how they could have improved their work process to make themselves more professional.

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8 AM: When an aqaurian binds oneself to a routine, they do everything in their power to execute it perfectly. It is common for Aquarians to be punctual and regular, even if they fall sick. At 8 AM an Aquarian can be found executing their daily routine with perfection.

5 PM: When it is time to leave, Aquarian is doing exactly that. At 5 PM Aquarians will be found duly exiting office, taking no work home with themselves. They do not like to stress over work beyond the call for duty.


8 AM: Just like Leos and Cancerians, Pisces prioritize sleep over all else. They are often late to wake up hence, late to work. At 8 AM a Pisces can be found shifting and shuffling in their beds, distraught over having to leave their warm beds for a day full of work.

5 PM: By the time it is 5 PM, Pisces are bored and want to go to sleep again. They can’t wait for the work day to be over so that they can sit back relax and be lost in their abstract, romantic thoughts again.

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