What Your Zodiac Sign Says About The Way You Love



Zodiac Sign
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A typical Sagittarian’s love style is idealistic, honest to a fault, very open about their feelings, communicative and hard to pin down. Saggis tend to have a childlike enthusiasm when it comes to love relationships. They like partners with a keen sense of adventure and love for traveling.


Capricorns make for stable and strong lovers who often work as father/mother figures to their partners. Capricorns may be really slow in starting a relationship, appearing cold, distant and aloof but once they commit, they often stay committed for a really long time. Capricorn lovers always have the long term in mind. They don’t play games in love and do not commit unless absolutely sure of the long term potential of a relationship.

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Zodiac Sign
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Intellectual Aquarius make for interesting lovers who will always keep you guessing. Although not commitment-phobic outwardly, Aquarius lovers tend to follow a detached style to love. They may be pining for you internally but will seldom come across as clingy. Aquarius are one of the signs most likely to get married to their best friend.


Pisces have a dual nature especially when it comes to love. One moment they confess to their everlasting love for you and the very next, they completely hate you for something you did 10 years ago. Mostly, Pisces are artistic, romantic and extremely sensitive when it comes to love. They tend to be elusive, staying out of commitments for as long as possible but follow a flirty way towards romantic relationships.

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