8 Reasons Why Every Guy Should Have A Girl Best Friend


Having a close female friend or we can say a girl best friend is very special because they are there to help you out with the stuff where your guy friends fail. You can tell them the deepest secrets about yourself and your family, and count on them to pick up the phone at any hour. Being friends with girls is an amazing experience, and if you don’t have one, then i must say you should go out right away and make one because frankly, it is amazing.

Here are 8 reasons why every guy should have a girl best friend.

1. She is your Best Personal Stylist

Girl Best Friend
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Dressing well makes a hell of a difference to your personality and confidence. And your girl BFF will tell you the truth about how those pants just don’t work. Shopping for girls is a child’s play so when you go out for shopping just take her along and she will get the best out for you from the shop.

2. She is your perfect Guide To Women & Relationships

Girl Best Friend
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A girl best friend is like an angel when you are dating someone. She’ll help you decode those irritating text messages from your girlfriend. She will help you by giving the right advice from girl’s perspective that what you should buy for her, what you should tell her, where you should take her and you should not behave like a dick all the time. She will even help you how to get over your ex.

3. You will have chance to meet all her girlfriends

Girl Best Friend
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You have her and she has her girls. There’s no way this can’t work out for the best. You will have all the pleasure to be around with girls and flirt with them. In fact your girl BFF will be always ready to set you up with someone or the other even if you’re bad at making one. She will tell you what they mostly like.

4. You always have a ‘date’ for a nightclub

Girl Best Friend
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This is interesting part of having a girl best friend. Even if you are single you’ll always have a date for a nightclub and guess what you don’t have spend on her unlike a girlfriend.